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Post  Ashkaar on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:20 pm

Not long ago, the demonic forces of the Burning Legion very nearly destroyed the world. The memory of this evil is still fresh in the minds of most of Azeroth's citizens.

However, some still consort with demons on a regular basis. They could be witnesses of the power of the Burning Legion and lust for that power themselves. They could be those who strive to learn more about these beings so they might be better able to combat them, should they return. They could be those that desire to "turn the tables" on the demons, to force them to be the slaves, instead of the mortals.

However, their dark practices and research are not generally accepted among the general populace. As a result, most warlocks are secretive, with their research facilities in the dark corners of their respective cities...

Who we are... 397531560

[b]Eredun Lullaby is a guild open to warlocks only, and was recently founded as a social club where members can meet and perhaps study together, exchange knowledge, or perform rituals.

What Eredun Lullaby provide is a meeting point for those who IC'ly seek to meet like-minded people. Every member is allowed to create events based on their characters personal goals and it's also part of the the guilds concept. We want members to be active and not only rely on officers or the guildmaster to create roleplay for them.

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