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A silent night in Stormwind City, two old and a young woman talk and enjoy their drinks. The oldest of the friends begun to speak.

,,My friends, rumours say that there is an alternative to our hunted and spat on existence in the kingdom of Azeroth. Rumours say, that there was once a nobleman who loved freedom of magic above everything else, and he practised the magic that the Kirin'Tor, and Stormwind had outlawed.

One day, he was exposed. His work in the Kirin'Tor to educate more of us, was exposed. As a result he removed from them, and he soon fell in battle as his soul was split.

Rumours say, that he returned in the wake of the Inquisition. When he was needed most, he stood up and together with other who used to fight one another for supremacy. He banded them together and created the Grim Dawn.

Danternas Warrend, Raith Teloth, Thranarion Darkmourne and of course Arithine Leitner all joined the cause, to band the warlocks of this world together. To resist the dangerous laws we're exposed to.

Lok Zar Revos had returned, and The Sun Eater allowed those who joined him, a Grim Dawn.

To educate warlocks en mass he allowed the powerful Shadowmancer Arithine Leitner to guide young warlocks through their training.

The Grim Dawn was born.,,

The two others just looked at him.

,,We've heard fairy tales before. It never ends good for us" the younger female said.

,,This is no fairy tale, apprentice. This is real

Under this banner Lok Zar Revos, also known as Lord Slock, and Arithine Leitner united and recruited many noble casters and users of the Dark Arts.

The Grim Dawn begun their existence by wiping out a Scarlet regiment known as the Scarlet Retaliation. They then begun their work to unite the rulers and leaders of various organizations deemed as evil, to promote all of their common goals.

They moved a lot, until they settled in Mortwake's tower outside Stormwind. This was the beginning of their modern area.

The Royal Court found of about this, they saw how a dangerous enemy had settled so close to Stormwind City, an enemy that might combine their efforts with the Defias Brotherhood.

Marching to destroy the tower, the Grim Dawn had to change location..

Now, they are hidden far, far away.

So far away, that not even the Kirin'Tor knows where they are.

But, I... I know where they are."

,,Where then, Master?" the younger female spoke again.

,,Desolace. Those brave enough, or stupid enough to seek out death and destruction can search the mountains of Desolace, only to find a tower. At the top of this tower, Lok Zar Revos and Lady Leitner awaits. But do not be fooled. They are guarded by their apprentices.

By Tirioshi, by orcs and demons.

But, in Desolace they work to for fill their prime directive. A promised land for our kind. A land in which we may use of powers as we wish. A land in which, we are not the oppressed by the oppressors of lesser beings and lesser people!"

The others fell silent.

The Grim Dawn arose in the wake of the Inquisition, now seeking to redeem and protect the Dark Arts. They seek to ally with similar societies who can aid them in their cause, or need their support.

Their greatest desire is to take their rightful place within society, or create their own society... at the expensive of others.

Unlike the Eredun Lullaby Grim Dawn accepts non-warlocks into their ranks, which are primarily used for non-magical tasks.

The most spell casters that join Grim Dawn are tugged away in Desolace, where they learn the ways of warlockism. Where they learn what the cause means, and where they learn server lore connected to warlocks.

Ashkaar likes to refer to Grim Dawn as a more militant version of Eredun Lullaby. In a sense he is right.

We're a conservative society, in which combat is not uncommon. In which one learns magic and how to control it in a more traditional way than in the Lullaby, and where one is expected to use it against the enemies of Grim Dawn.

If Eredun Lullaby is a normal university-like society for artists of the dark arts, then Grim Dawn is a military academy with conservative values and ties to the past, which we use to forge a new future.

Our IC goals is, simply, to create a new environment for warlocks and the likes.

Our OOC goals are quite similar. We remember a time when warlock and dark arts RP was very popular on Argent Dawn. We also remember how suddenly it all died, and we're all witnesses to how guilds without respect for server lore, official Blizzard lore, and PEGI 12 limitations grow larger and harm the view people have on villains.

We want to challenge this, straight out bad role-play, and provide those who want real RP with real villainous RP. We want to make this sort of RP interesting and flourishing once more.

Therefore we appreciate guilds like Eredun Lullaby. As few as they may be, proper roleplayers in proper guilds are a step towards our goals.


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