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Post  Ashkaar on Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:29 am

Last night we held our first meeting about what we call: ”Magical Nights”. These events are tutoring events for bigger crowds, and will be open for any beginner interested in magic. It will be a lot of planning, but also a great opportunity for our members to study and research in chosen subjects, and also a way for us to find possible recruits.

The members of the Lullaby now have two weeks to find whatever information they can get about the basic rules of magic, and the basics of the different schools. When we next meet, we will go through our gathered material and Lady Winters, who will teach in the first event, will put it together and plan the section thereafter.

At the meeting last night, Lady Winters presented the result of a rather interesting research she had done regarding arcane healing. By being able to perform this ritual in the way which she has studied, namely with reduced damage to the drained target could be very handy for us.

It seems that McDawn is back with us properly, unfortunately due to rather unpleasant personal reasons, but none the less, it’s good for us to have him present. He is highly skilled and a good and trustable man and I am pleased that he is back.

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