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Changes to the guild Empty Changes to the guild

Post  Ashkaar on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:32 am

The newly added rule to also accept corrupted mages and priests has been removed due to the increased interest for warlock roleplay. We always wished to remain 100% warlock and with this now possible again, we also shall remain 100% warlock.

-We are now open for magicians of the darker kind that would consider themselves loners and therefor have no roleplaying-guild to join. So, if anyone want to spend time OOC with other warlock players, want the beneficial perks of a guild but no guild-duties, they may poke me for a OOC rank in Eredun Lullaby. Guild-rules and guide-lines still applies.

Every applicant will be considered individually, and if I or an officer feel that the applicants roleplaying style or character is not suiting for Eredun Lullaby or World of Warcraft roleplay in general, we will decline the application. [/b]

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