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Post  Ashkaar on Mon May 06, 2013 8:07 am

So much have happened since my last entry. People have come, people have gone. It was quiet when I came back, though my most loyal was still to be found around Stormwind or Surwich. The reasons for my absence are personal and need not be written down here, however I can say that it has done me good to be away. And that I am back somewhat refreshed.

Seemingly so there seem to be an increased general need for an organisation like my own. Many has contacted me since my return, with the wish to join Eredun Lullaby. I am delighted, of course. We need to stick together, us dark, wonderful outlaws...

During the last weekend, we had some unwanted guests arriving at Surwich. People of the church, an organization that is calling themselves “Chapter of the Faithful” that in unity with the Kirin Tor sent an investigator to the Tainted Scar and Surwich. Why exactly really still passes my understanding; the place has been investigated thoroughly before, so I suspect that it was not perhaps the scar that was investigated, but the rumors of shady figures around Surwich. Who knows. Yet, it's somewhat alarming and I am on edge.

The investigator, a magus of the Kirin Tor, had apparently bothered my people in my absence and as I arrived to Surwich the day after, I found him chained up in my basement, drained of his magic. Yeah, I know, not the most clever of moves but what do you do, I suppose. And soon after we had the whole lot of them there; paladins, priests... The whole thing really was annoying. Though, nothing seemed to have come out of it. The magus memory was successfully wiped by Mr Onslowe and he was set loose for them to find, and even though they kept being suspicious of us (to the point where they even searched my house and my basement, and speaking of which, even having the guts to call my wine unimportant, and fel-corrupted!) they finally left. I hope they will not return anytime soon because I like the peace of this place.

From one thing to another. I am planning something together with Lady Winters. A library, located in Stormwind. I got my hands on the perfect place there, though this is still in the planning and I will write more about this at another point, however I can say already that this too is all meant to be part of the underground platform for us warlocks.

But no one else will know of course – only us warlocks.

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