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Post  Saralynd on Thu May 16, 2013 1:27 pm


I've been looking for a guild that suits my character for quite some time now, and I've found few that seem to be more or less what I'm looking for (='evil' RP without a fixed dominant storyline, and with friendly/competent members).

I've often been told about Eredun Lullaby, but the problem's always been that my character isn't a warlock. Unfortunately I've never really enjoyed playing them (don't kill me) and I know I spend the most effort on the characters that I enjoy OOC as well. I've talked to Ashkaar though, and been told to write an application and that it would be considered.

Right! With that out of the way, something about my character. Allow me to first quote my MyRolePlay history section:

Saralynde grew up at an idyllic lodge in the Cape of Stranglethorn, the location of which she refuses to disclose to anyone. Hidden well between trees, rocks and waterfalls, it granted her a sheltered, yet comfortable youth. Its relatively close proximity to the goblin town of Booty Bay allowed her parents to reap the benefits offered by a consistent, no-questions-asked trade port. They were rich, and they showered their wealth upon their beloved daughter who, unlike her sister Pheobe, stayed for long enough to ensure a future where money would never be an issue.

Eventually though, she too grew tired of the isolated paradise, and moved to Stormwind to start training as a mage. Seeing as she never had the need to secure an income for herself - instead investing her inherited money in various trade and business operations - she devoted nearly all of her time into studying the Arcane for several years, allowing her to learn relatively quickly. Even now that she is an accomplished mage, Saralynde continues her studies in pursuit of knowledge and power. She often travels abroad, too, be it to study magical artifacts or merely to enjoy what Azeroth has to offer.

I prefer not to put spoilers in my MRP, as you can see, because I know that it influences how people interact with my character.

At one point, Saralynde met the 'wrong' kind of people, and strayed from the teachings of the mage tower in Stormwind to study other kinds of magic, blood magic in particular, by herself. She travels often in search of more power, not hesitating to try her latest spells on unfortunate victims, or sometimes even persuading her friends to volunteer. In short, she can be considered evil, but only because of her own greed and hunger for knowledge and power. To most, she's just a well-dressed, rich, and rather stuck up mage.

I think that's about all I have to say, for now at least. I hope my application will be considered despite my non-warlockness. Feel free to poke me OOCly any time.

Thanks for reading! Smile


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Post  Ashkaar on Thu May 16, 2013 3:56 pm

No need for interview here, the main issue is the class. I'll get back to you.

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