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Post  Ashkaar on Sat May 25, 2013 7:40 am

Compared to last time I wrote, things are calm. There has been no interruptions in Surwich, no inquisitions or missing Kirin Tor mages. Thank-... whoever there is to thank for that.

A few of us have traveled south to the lands of Pandaria. I would have traveled myself had time been something I had more of. Sadly such is not the case, and I will have to trust that Miss Winters, Mister Onslowe and the rest will tell me all about it upon their return.

Much worth mentioning is that Lord Slock has finally joined us. Even though it's a great shame that his own Grim Dawn came to an halt, I do have use of a right hand; someone used to leading that can give me advice if needed or run the place for me in my absence, and who is better for this position than Slock? He really is a great man, or should I perhaps say “they”...

Miss Winters still works on the library we're planning to run. I am quite excited about it, and it will be great once it is finally opened. However, like last time, I will have to come back to this subject at another point.

Eredun Lullaby are still growing rapidly, and many of the new members seem promising. I had a very interesting meeting with a certain lady Hannah Stanton just a few days back. It seem our bunch of outlaws together sits on a great and wide amount of knowledge and that we together could achieve amazing things - we just have to start to really trust each other, share and learn. It's easier said than done however, though overall we are a good group that is having fun together.

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