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Post  Runicpanda on Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:39 pm

In-Game name:Aeofel
Character Name: Aeofel Mezmoth
Real Life Age:19
Professions:Low level Tailoring and alchemy
From: I am from Wales
Playing hours: I usually play all week most of the day on weekends and during the week about 2:00pm-11:00pm
Experience: I have played with The knights of the Judgement recently and have been Aching to find an only warlock guild
back story:Aeofel was once a very peaceful man living in the rock jagged lands of Kalimdor knowing it was horde territory he kept to himself in the southern part of the barrens avoiding any contact with Orcs that may Patrol the area's on a strange and particular day he decided to go capturing small animals to eat, because the larger animal's were insanely difficult to hunt as he got to his regular hunting grounds he noticed a lot of the critters he usually hunt's were already slaughtered with their entrails hanging out of their corpses he was puzzled by this event and started to wonder the area looking for the culprit who killed his meal he searched for about 3-4 hours in the area and then with very short terms of a food supply he gathered the remains of the critters.

As he was gathering the remains and placing them in a leather bag he began hearing noises around him without hesitation he began to shake slightly with fear of orcs  but instead some jungle tigers would come out pouncing on Aeofel Lacerating him and tearing his flesh apart then as he was about to pass out he heard a loud noise he looked up for a short time and he saw nothing but flames and dead tigers, puzzled by this and then he passed out.

The next morning he awoke in a tent noticing a strange man sitting beside him, Aeofel was confused and wondered who the stranger was, the stranger asked "Your name?" and he replied "Aeofel Mezmoth" Stuttering as he said it the man concocted a medicine made from some internal organs from the tigers Aeofel felt so week in his time near death so he began a quest to become an extremely deadly Force of demonic power to crush all his foes as he headed to stormwind he came across a bar "The Slaughtered Lamb" it was called and that is where should learn the ways of pure power.



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