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Post  Ashkaar on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:43 pm

Did I write about Archmage Nirano Dalone before? I think not.

She is as a matter of fact related to Lord Slock, however also his arch enemy. She opposes what we are; all of us warlocks, and openly fights for what she believes in. In other word, could she eliminate us fully, she would.

She was suddenly at my doorstep in Surwich, knocking casually on the door. I was somewhat chocked when I opened and saw her there. I could tell that she was prepared for a hostile welcoming, but it soon became clear to me that she was not there to challenge me in battle, even if one could think so considering that our last “meeting” ended quite abruptly and probably not the way she would have wished.

I am however still puzzled about the true meaning of her visit. Lady Leitner thinks she simply is getting desperate; she knows that her opposition is growing stronger, and I must say that it sounds like the most logical explanation. Why else would she suddenly come to talk to me about, and to use her words; “not joining under Lord Slock?” But in her attempts to talk me and my power down, she forgot the fact that no matter what she claims, she indeed thought me important enough to personally visit.

What I do not like however is that she knows where Eredun Lullaby is based. She alone doesn’t scare me, but I know through Grim Dawn that she is surrounded by quite a few followers of hers, and I wish not to see the scholars of Eredun Lullaby harmed or in trouble.

And then there is Aristra Griefpaw who keeps paying me unwelcomed visits. She has completely turned against us, and it seems she has managed to achieve what she soaked for so long; to become a Lich.

She wants my powers. And if I do not willingly pass them on to her, she’ll turn Annarima into a servant under her, using her again me. Or so she says…

While Dalone is calculating and powerful, Aristra is but a fool. However, her foolishness makes her reckless and dangerous and even though I strongly doubt she will ever succeed with any of this, I don’t enjoy having her lurking around Surwich; neither her or Dalone.

So I decided to lock up my home and pay Grim Dawn a longer visit. They are based far into the barren Desolace, comfortably cut off from any population. The trip was long since we did it on horseback and it did not help that roads were shut due to the on-going plague…. We had to turn a few times, taking a different routes, but it was of course all worth it in the end.
With Annarima sleeping at the back of the wagon we arrived, dusty and tried, at the Grim Dawn realm. They welcomed us with great hospitality and lend us one of their towers. I am forever grateful for their support, and Lord Slock has yet again proved himself of being a man whom I truly respect.

So that’s where we are now; In Desolace and with a lot of times on our hands…

But from one thing to the other.

Lady Kallmyn and Lady Winters, former Morgan, finally decided to join under the Eredun Lullaby banner. It’s a great honor to me, and they have more than once proved themselves knowledgeable, skillful and and great company.

We also have another new girl with us, Milaith, however I have yet to spend more time with her and figure her out. She has not been around much.

Sadly, we have lost Franklin. I guessed it would happen one day, and now that day has come. After a lot of study he claims to have found a way into the void, where he means to linger to learn the secrets of this world… I am happy that he has finally found his sanctuary, but I will miss him. Behind all that grumpiness he is a good man that already possess a great deal of knowledge.

Annarima is still weak. That… staff that she got, I knew it would be trouble. I regret not stopping her, but then again, it’s not up to me to tell her what to do and what not to do. I am her lover and soon to be husband, not her father. I just wish that she could find a way out of this that doesn’t involve tricks and more magic. It’s dangerous not to deal with the actual problem and instead cheat your way out of it.

But she is already doing so. Mister Onslowe has a ritual ready for her to help her sleep. I know she wishes to remember the dreams that started about the time where she gained the staff, however I wish she could rely more on herself and what she alone can achieve without outside means.

We shall see.

So, about myself then…

I still struggle with Ar’Zarak. I don’t know what more to write but the fact that he with his demands and wishes is driving me mad, but I have gotten renewed hope. At times I felt like giving in, but the sweet Lady Winters said the other day; “I know you won’t lose to him, because you are way too stubborn. When a door opens one can walk through it both ways… Just approach him from the inside, Ashkaar style; calmly and calculating”, and I believe that what she said is true and that this is something I need to keep in mind at all times.

When I heard those words I realized that I have been stuck in a bad circle and that I’ve blinded by the struggle. Those simple words have helped me more than any other suggestion. I believe now that I can win this, and I am looking forward to do so!

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