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Post  Ashkaar on Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:33 am

I believe it was a good idea to stay at Desolace for a while. At least it was good for me; I think it was for Annarima and plenty others as well. Breaking pattern is always healthy and gives you a different perspective to your habits. After all we do not cease to improve, we just need to be reminded now and then to take a moment to stop and study ourselves.

So yes, it was a decision made with good intensions. But it almost got us all killed and I do not know who else to blame but myself.

It started with a rumor that I picked up while visiting Stormwind. Apparently some powerful horde warlock had gotten his Grimoire stolen. The Grimoire was said to include some most interesting information gathered during the First and Second War. While I do not normally adventure like some of the Eredun Lullaby members seem to have such a craving for, I am interested in books, old spells and lost information. And you may understand my delight when I received the information that the book had been taken to Mannoroc Coven in Desolace. It was basically right there under our noses and I simply couldn’t justify not going.

So we took off not long after I returned to our Tower in Desolace. The trip to Mannoroc Coven was rather short and we arrived not long after the journey started.

The demons that roamed there were clever enough not to act hostile and allowed us to search the place in peace. It did not take long until Evaly thought she had found something of value and I did not have to inspect the book for long to determine that it was what we were after; I could feel it while holding it; a magical, slumbering power and I admit that I was drawn to it.

It mesmerized me, I cannot deny that. But while my fingers traced the outlines of the faded, Eredic runes on the outside, someone hissed “Horde!” and I looked up, narrowed my eyes and sure enough; I too could see the approach. I hid the old book within my robes and someone suggested we’d leave. I looked about at the people with me. Some were skilled; but some were in basic learning still so I agreed to the suggestion and we started to head down the hill to the outskirts of Mannoroc Coven.

But I couldn’t see the horde anymore. And when I realized that, I knew that we were in trouble. Plans of all kinds filled my head, one of them being to simply drop the Grimoire on the ground and avoid anyone being hurt or killed, because I knew that they were there for the same reason as us. Perhaps these were in fact the rightful owners of the Grimoire. Another plan was to try to reason with them, to solve this without a fight, but there was no more time.

The attack came without warning, and I can’t describe what truly happened. I remember only flashes of the fight. I remember myself screaming something to my people and the silence afterwards, even as the battle was ongoing. I remember that orc, I remember aiming my attention at him. But then it all went black.

And when I awoke, I was not alone on the ground. There was Kerrei, O’Corner, and Evaly. I don’t know for how long I was passed out, but the pain in my head and my hip vanished at the same moment as I heard Annarima scream. And when I managed to stand up I realized that both she and Mordamir were missing.

I think Evaly went ahead of us to search for them and that Kerrei lead me somewhere and somehow she managed to find them. I admit it’s a bit blurry.

…but clear as day I remember her. I remember her blond hair, her eyes. And I remember what she did to Annarima; how she tortured her... And I remember him as well, that same orc…

-Something is written in the log book here, but blurred out on purpose and now unreadable-

I have sent someone after them. Someone that will provide me with the information I need to get to her. And I’ll make her regret what she did and before I am done with her, she will beg me for mercy, beg me for death…

They almost killed her. And they almost killed Sharune.

I might write more at another time. But now I need some air…

Or wait... Just one more thing before I go.

I know what they call themselves. They were fools enough to give that away.

“Chains of Sargeras”.

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