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Post  Ashkaar on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:08 pm

Hmm, I have started to write now several times. Restarted every time, not quite being able to make up my mind about what to write of first. I suppose I will just leave out the little details and only worry about the bigger business.

We have had two gatherings since last time I wrote. The first one I wish I could just forget about. I had invited guests whom we will work closely with, and I'll come to that in a bit, however Griefpaw turned out to be possessed and visions of fear popped up in random peoples minds - including my own. I won't write about this anymore as the problem is solved, however I had hoped for lady Griefpaw to be stronger then what she is. Anyway, this whole thing forced my attention elsewhere and my guests remained slightly forgotten about, so we tried again last night.

The beach where we gather is a rather good spot for a meeting in my opinion. It offers us privacy but we are still close to Surwich, and last night was... less chaotic, thank the Light, or Elune, or whatever less important phenomenon that would be responsible for that.

Grim Dawn, the organization with whom we now associate with, with its leader and one, later on two, members came to introduce themselves to the scholars of the Lullaby. We had a rather interesting conversation about their direct goal and it seem that it awoke an interest among the members of the Lullaby, which is what I had hoped for. We are stronger united, and our community is strengthen greatly by this union. It's a great honour, however Eredun Lullaby is still of course, as an organization, neutral to politics and greater causes.

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