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Post  Ashkaar on Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:34 pm

I am glad to see that Annarima already made a brief entry about my abduction. I could go on for ages about what truly happened; how the Chains of Sargeras managed to find me, about why Calthric willingly turned himself in to them only to support me, and what they did to us. But I won’t. There is no need to keep words of things that are best left forgotten, so I will leave it to this; we made it out alive and we did so thanks to the rest of the Lullaby and our most trusted ally; Grim Dawn.

How can I ever express my gratefulness for what they did? I owe many people so much, and above them all Calthric. But sadly, after what happened he decided to walk a different path, and for that I am sorrier then I could ever describe here. He was close to me and one I could rely on.

At the moment I am recovering. I wish it to go faster so that I can quicker forget what they did, and to finally bathe in some kind of triumph knowing that what they did not manage to kill us, or break us.

I only wish they had not taken Calthric from us, and from me.

I have yet to catch up with what I missed during my absence, but I know that the The Lullaby seems steady, and we have a few new members. One I have met. Her name is Fernley Hawthorne, a Gilnean and a woman of the curse. She seems interesting, but I have yet to come across a member of the Lullaby that isn’t.

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