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Post  Ashkaar on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:06 am

I am sitting in my isle-cabin in Tanaris. At times when I am here I wonder why I would ever want to go back, or go anywhere at all for that matter. But then I think about Surwich, my house there and my friends and the organization and I remember why I in the end always leave this place behind.

Perhaps one day, when I am old and the magic has gotten the better of me, perhaps then I will come here never to leave again. We shall see I suppose. Who knows what will happen in twenty years, or one year… even tomorrow.

I will make some changes within Eredun Lullaby. I will truly claim the title of Master, and my closest will be promoted Adepts. The old hierarchy, or rather lack of it, worried me when I sat imprisoned in Gilneas and I know now that even though I was against the fact of putting myself into a more powerful position then the other scholars, I know now that it’s needed. We warlocks live in a dangerous world, and we need structure in an otherwise rather chaotic environment.

I will be more careful with what members are to join, and I will not accept keeping people close that I don’t fully trust. Small changes perhaps, but in the end they may truly matter.

I’ve broken with Annarima, and she with the Lullaby. I do not know where she is, and nor do I think I will ever know. At first, her cold reaction worried me, but not anymore. She is capable of taking care of herself, but if she is to fall for corruption and power, then so be it. My guess is that she was on her way there anyway, with or without me and the Lullaby. I can only hope that she will be alright and remain the woman that I loved.

I have a few ideas on how to easier find new scholars and people interested in the darker arts. It will take some planning and I must admit it is somewhat risky, so I will think it over and write more about it later.

As of now, I’ll finish this bottle of whiskey. Hopefully it’ll knock me out enough to let me sleep without nightmares.


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