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Post  Ashkaar on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:10 pm

We were right about the demon hunters. We have been careful, but none thought they’d follow us all the way to Draenor. It was a social trip to gather reagent from the chaotic Netherstorm, a trip organized by Lady Leitner. Personally I held not a great interested in the cause of the journey however I did find a Nathrezim, who’s blood I collected for future use. How knows when one need a little demon-blood…

The trip went on as planned until we were suddenly ambushed by three demon hunters. It seem they targeted Lady Leitner and myself first which indicates that they have indeed been studying us. The druid dressed in black leathers I recognized as the one that attacked my and Lord Slock a few weeks ago, but this time she was accompanied by a human paladin and another elf that seem specialized in demon-hunting. And of course she wasn’t alone – she knows we know about her great weakness to shadow magic so she would not dare to. They fought well but there were plenty of us. In the end however, they unfortunately managed to escape.

Oh, how I would love to get my hands on that druid… How I’d love to pay back for my sliced up back, and….-the words are scribbled over and unreadabe-

I owe the two druids that accompanied us my thank and respect for saving my life. I also owe Lady Griefpaw for keeping my soul safe as they did so. Druids are handy. I might just get my own one day soon…

Anyway. We all made it - this time. Something will be done, and matters will be discussed and that soon.

And the meeting this time will be for the most trusted only – there might be someone among us that we cannot trust.

We shall see.

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