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Post  Ashkaar on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:05 pm

The organization is growing, slowly and steadily. It seem someone is always lingering in Surwich these days, and ahh... Have I come across some interesting people!

We held our first official meeting last Saturday. Wanted to meet them all together, see their reactions to each other, and hear more about some... And it went rather well. I am pleased.

Some outside guests were invited as well. Both Lady Maxandra and Lady Mayliffe has shown a great interest in us, and I think their knowledge will indeed be of use. They are more then welcome to stick around, hence the fact that they are members of the Rusty Nails.

So far I have had both good and bad experiences. Me and sir Jeevez Goldsprocket were on an "Adventure Gone Wrong" in Ashenvale and we had to fight our way home. The Sentinels doesn't take lightly on the usage of Fel, and thanks to Paws I am still alive. Seem Jeevez too is alright. His burns will heal in time. But damn, that gnome went wild! He possess quite some power, that's for sure, but perhaps not so clever. If the Sentinels were paying attention, they will thanks to him have my name. Either way, we shall see. It's not a big problem. They are over there, and we are here. And as long as that's the case, I doubt they will care more for us.

As for last night... Well, it seemed Lady Aristra Griefpaw took a pretty big step in the wrong direction. Apparently she left her tutor, sir Ranem McDawn for another and whoever this man is he sure seemed to have filled her head with a lot of dangerous bullshit. One cannot throw power on a person that needs direction and expect it all to go well. Especially not a young, pregnant, eager-to-learn woman...

I wont go into details of what happened, after a long chat with the now very regretful Lady Aristra, Ranem kindly offered to drain her off her magical knowledge until she knew what she wanted out of it, and until her baby is born. Clever woman, she accepted the offer and we went to the beach just outside of Surwich. Ranem is a man of great power. I sense there is a lot more to him then what he wants to make acknowledged, and he is wise. I hold nothing but respect towards him.

So, Aristra sworn him a blood oath, and Ranem performed the ritual successfully. I am curious to see if Aristra will last to keep the oath until she is once again ready to regain her magical powers...

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