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Post  Ashkaar on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:09 pm

I have had reports of demon-hunters. Lady Griefpaw told me about that she as of late has been followed. Myself felt eyes watching me while sitting around Stormwind the other day. It's my instincts that tells me so, but I trust those fully.

The whole thing triggered my idea for last nights meeting. I did not wan't anyone to know the new location so I simply let them gather in Surwich while me, Lord Slock and lady Leitner headed of to the Fallen Kingdom and there performed a ritual together to summoned the others.

Either way. Should the demon-hunters proceed, they will be taken care of. As for now, we'll stay low.

The last meeting was basically about the Coven, about the lack of proper leadership and how to go from here. We did not close a decision but at least we are all aware of the situation. It also seem that several members of the Lullaby are interested in the matters of the Coven. It gladdens me.

We have a new member with us, miss Malunia. She is young and know not much, however Mayliffe has taken her under her wing and if she could just turn all that teenage energy into Fel, then damn, would she be powerful...

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