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Post  Ashkaar on Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:46 am

I have spent a lot of time away the last months.

My business in Tanaris has for some time craved my attention so when I again felt the itch to use my body I simply left Surwich and everything that comes with it behind. I have been out on the field, helping with the harvest. And it felt good again to work myself tired…

I needed also to get away and think. Plenty of people have given me advice about Ar’Zarak, but I needed to figure out for myself what I truly wanted and how to tackle the situation.

And I believe I am on the right path.

So - I have been away and might be for a while longer still. I hope that I am not too greatly missed among my group and that they can tend to themselves in my absence, but I don’t doubt they cannot.

I met with them again last night however.

We were gathered at the Surwich Tavern; Mister Onslowe, “Frank”, myself and Annarima, Lord Slock, Mr Tristan and the ever so delightful Lady Leitner.

And there was this new lady of the Grim Dawn… Whatever her name was I can’t remember, but only that she was rather quiet and pretty.

Sadly more business forced me away from the gathering quicker than I had hoped, but I did get to have a peak at Annarima’s new-found and long soaked-after staff. It does hold powers; I could clearly sense that it helped her intrude into my mind. She did a great job achieving it but it’s yet to come what powers it truly possesses. Lord Slock was willing to help with that, and it does not surprise me. His eyes sparkled as he eyed that staff.

I personally don’t hold a great interest in magical items and I sense this one will cause more trouble than do good.

But we shall see.


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