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Post  Ashkaar on Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:32 pm

- The following is written in an elegant style, although at some parts the writher seems to have been trembling a little -

It’s with a heavy heart that I picked up this quill. What can I say… Ashkaar has been taken from us by the Chains of Sargeras. Though I hate to admit it, I’m afraid; afraid for what may happen to him and to us as we have grown so dependent on him.

Calthric brought me the news yesterday, and in the evening Mayliffe also visited the house. They, together with Kerrei were very supportive and it was a great relieve to know that they are already thinking about a plan. They traced him back somewhere within the reaches of Gilneas, imprisoned by Forsaken. Together with Lord Slock’s help we shall set out on an expedition. Calthric already gave me a map which contains his plan to infiltrate the region.

It is ironic that while he got abducted I was gone to Tanaris to see the cottage he had built for us. It’s simply lovely, an oasis of rest and tranquility – the thing I hoped we would finally get, but didn’t. It will be strange to be there on my own, just like it was strange yesterday to miss my fiancée’s presence yesterday in our house in Surwich. Luckily Kerrei provided some comfort.

Another strange thing occurred yesterday as well, while we were all gathered at the house. A man who wanted to see McDawn visited us. Some former associate of his whose name - I now realize - I do not know. Given his attire, I would say he hails from Gilneas. Then again, that fashion is quite popular these days. Anyhow, it was about the lich Aristra and another student of McDawn. Apparently Aristra has met her final death: Her phylactery is destroyed. None of us trusted the man, for we don’t know him, but if it’s true than at least we have something to be glad about.

- Signed 'A. DeLavey'


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